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Prada is known for their knowledge in making the world’s finest leathers. We have bragged about that in one of our Leather Guide Articles. The Saffiano Leather is so famous that it has been patented by the brand.

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One of their latest inventions is the Bomber Bag Collection. This material is not only beautiful and chic, but it is also extremely durable and fairly easy to clean. It feels like nothing can penetrate these magnificent handbags.

Presenting one of the ‘must haves’ from the latest ‘Mountain Collection’, it features the Prada Bomber Leather Tote Bag.

Wait, this is not a new bag.

You’re right. In 2013 Prada dropped the Bomber Fabric Tote Bag, which is almost identical except a few elements. This is actually the upgraded version.

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First, it’s glossy – this bag shines when the lights are turned on. And water is no enemy; it shakes any liquid off like its little dust floating in the air. A classic design, in either black or beige, ideal to wear in the summer, ideal to carry in the winter. Use it for travelling, for work, for the weekends, basically as an everyday bag.

Featuring a shoulder strap that can be detached or adjusted, close it with a zipper closure, there is one outside pocket and two inside pockets crafted. Measuring 34 x 29.5 x 20 (L x H x W) in cm, 



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Prada Fall/Winter 2016 Runway Bag Collection

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Presenting the Prada Fall/Winter 2016 Runway Bag Collection. Prada introduces new designs this season including the Pionniere and Cahier Bags. These two bags features shoulder styles, the Pionniere has a rounded shape with a thick adjustable strap. While the Cahier is a buckled flap bag with a boxy shape and accented metallic trims. These metallic trims were also seen on structured tote bags and the mini book covers presented on the runway show.

Satchel bags worn across the body comes with tassels and ring details makes a perfect everyday bag. Also seen in the runway are embellished and embroidered drawstring and large clutch bags.

Two of the runway bags, which are the Pionniere and Cahier will be available for pre-order this February 26, 2016 at Prada’s Milan, Paris, and London boutiques and online. The Manhattan boutique will follow on March 4, 2016.

Pionniere Bags

Prada White/Black Pionniere Bag - Fall 2016Prada White/Black Pionniere Bag 2 - Fall 2016

Prada Beige/Brown Pionniere Bag - Fall 2016Prada Burgundy Pionniere Bag - Fall 2016

Cahier Bags

Prada Black Cahier Flap Bag - Fall 2016Prada Black/White Cahier Flap Bag 2 - Fall 2016

Prada Black/White Cahier Flap Bag - Fall 2016Prada Black/Red Cahier Flap Bag - Fall 2016

Prada Light Blue/Blue Cahier Flap Bag - Fall 2016Prada White Cahier Flap Bag - Fall 2016

Tote and Top Handle Bags

Prada Black Buckled Tote Bag 3 - Fall 2016Prada Black Buckled Tote Bag 2 - Fall 2016

Prada Black/Brown Buckled Tote Bag - Fall 2016Prada Teal/Green Buckled Tote Bag - Fall 2016

Prada Black/Red Buckled Tote Bag - Fall 2016Prada Black Buckled Tote Bag - Fall 2016
Prada Red Saffiano Tote Bag - Fall 2016Prada Black Saffiano Tote Bag - Fall 2016

Flap and Satchel Bags

Prada Black Flap and Embellished Tote Bags - Fall 2016Prada Black Crocodile Flap Bag - Fall 2016

Prada Teal Flap Bag - Fall 2016Prada Grey/Black Nylon Satchel Bag - Fall 2016

Prada Black Satchel Bag 2 - Fall 2016Prada Black Suede Fringed Satchel Bag - Fall 2016

Prada Grey Satchel Bag - Fall 2016Prada Teal Satchel Bag - Fall 2016

Prada Burgundy Crocodile Satchel Bag - Fall 2016Prada Red Crocodile Satchel Bag - Fall 2016

Prada Black/Teal Satchel Bag - Fall 2016Prada Black Crocodile Satchel Bag - Fall 2016

Drawstring and Clutch Bags

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Celebs Prepped for the Met Gala with Great Bags from Gucci, Prada, Marc Jacobs and More

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Covet That Classic: Prada Galleria

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[blog] image 01 6-11How did Prada make the Galleria bag its best-seller? Released in mouthwatering colours, the Prada Saffiano Lux Galleria bags in its beloved Saffiano leather fly off the shelves in record time. For avid collectors and fashionistas alike, a piece of Milan’s finest is definitely a fine addition to your collection.[blog] image 02 6-11What makes a Galleria bag valuable is its saffiano leather–calfskin with a synthetic heat-stamped grain. Not only does this lend further durability to the beloved bag, it also enhances the resistance to prolonged physical wear. The Galleria is hands-down one of the easiest Prada bags to maintain in my collection, and we all know how much effort is needed to keep a bag in pristine condition. I’ve previously shared some tips and tricks to make your luxury purchase last a little longer here.[blog] image 03 6-11Complete your collection with a Prada Galleria today. Covet it here. Here’s how I would pair my Galleria with my outfit. Have fun with this versatile classic![blog] image 04 6-11

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Bagholics unite! Prada’s latest handbags are among the most covetable this season

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Pionnere is created from soft leather, with a rounded flap and a military inspired strap while Cahier references ancient books with a strong rectangular shape, black leather on the flap fold and bronze trims. Both bags are available in versatile neutral shades like tan black and white and will be available starting today in select Prada stores in Milan, Paris and London.

Not in one of these cities? Don’t fret, the bags will also be available for purchase on Prada’s e-store and will hot stores in New York City on March 4.

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Patent leather is a huge hit this season! Whether on bags or on shoes (or virtually any article of interest huge designers decide to work on), we are noticing that this material is being used heavily, and why not? It’s sleek, it has a nice finish, and more than that, it’s very easy to care for and maintain! Most women nowadays don’t have much time on their hands, that is why materials such as patent leather are a heaven-sent.

As a response to this trend, Prada is giving us some lovin’ with the release of Patent Bow Ballerinas! These babies are super sleek and so comfortable, you wouldn’t want to take a break in these pretty flats! Who says only stilettos could have all the fun? They haven’t met these pretty patent steppers yet. It even has a cute, contrasting bow which adds a dainty design element to the otherwise streamlined neutral patent background.

With a 10mm heel and a durable, leather sole, get your very own Patent Bow Ballerinas for $595 USD or €470 EUR, available via Prada e-store.





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