Top model Liu Wen graces the pages of ELLE China’s September 2017 issue. The Chinese stunner takes on elegant and colorful looks for the fashion spread. Photographed by Li Qí and styled by Jin Jing, Liu cuts a striking figure in shaggy coats and fall layers. The 29-year-old charms in the designs of Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Fendi and more.

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Moynat Réjane: A True Classic

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What makes a bag rise above all others and become a classic in its own right? Does having the right parentage/heritage play a part? Or must it be crafted from the best leathers money can buy? Should it be easy on the eyes, as well as a piece that’s also functional? Then there’s the overall design, one that must be destined to outlive all the fads and trends as they come and go.


Yes, many factors go into deciding whether it reaches the highest echelons of ‘bag-dom’, and while different criteria exist for different women out there, one thing is for sure. Because one has to spend so much on that bag, no one wants to make the mistake of banking on the wrong one.

And while it isn’t my job to tell you which exact bags to buy (I can after all only counsel, enable and urge), I can tell you about Moynat’s classic-in-the-making, the Réjane. Founded in 1849 (heritage covered here), the French luxury atelier uses only the best leathers from the finest tanneries in France. Crafted to exacting standards with most of it still done by hand, the bag is a good looker as well, the top handle poised beautifully atop its curvaceous body.


Available in 3 different sizes, the BB/Mini Réjane (20 cm by 15 cm by 8 cm), the Petite Réjane (26 cm by 18.5 cm by 10 cm) and the regular Réjane(30 cm by 20.5 cm by 14 cm), each one is good for a different purpose. The smallest of the trio is also the baby of the family, an adorably cute number great for weekends. The medium one, also known as theRéjane26 is the one most everyone goes for, a sensibly sized bag that’s great for work or play. Finally, we have the workhouse, or the regular Réjane that’s frankly too big for most Asian women, because it is also always about the proportions.


Coupled with a leather shoulder sling that’s adjustable as well, it’s an easy bag to wear, one that can go formal or casual quite easily, depending on your current get-up. And with the front clasp being the most eye-catching feature on the front of bag, it is also a subtle beauty without the need for massive logos.

Then there’s the leather it comes in, from Taurillon Gex (a hardy, pebbled leather) to Box (lustrously shiny and oh so smooth). There’s also Carat Calf, which is similar to Taurillon Gex but with a much finer grain, Natural Calf (like Box, but less shiny), with exotic croc leathers rounding up the quintet.

Now for the best part. Prices start from just SGD5420 for the Mini Réjanethat comes with a sporty canvas strap or SGD5930 for the ones with leather slings. Prices differ depending on the leather, with the Réjane26in Box leather peaking at SGD8980. The good news? Most of the bags are in the SGD6000 range, which is still reasonable for a bag that’s 100% leather inside and out. And because colours change from season to season (that, along with a few permanent hues that are almost always available), it is best you head down to Moynat’s new boutique at Takashimaya Shopping Centre to check them out for yourself. Because if you’re looking for something that will still be relevant in the years to come, this could be it.

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Amanda Murphy stars in Prada's Pièce de Chambre fall-winter 2017 canpaignAmanda Murphy stars in Prada's Pièce de Chambre fall-winter 2017 campaign

Italian fashion brand Prada continues to unveil its 365 project with Part 2 of its fall-winter 2017 campaign. Photographed by Willy Vanderperre, the shoot includes three different series. The first called 'Pièce de Chambre', stars models Amanda Murphyand Mia Brammer. The second installment titled 'Affiches', includes Kris Grikaite and Manuela Sanchez. For the final part named 'Chiaroscuro', Freja Beha Erichsen and Sija Jure appear in the colorful shots.


Mia Brammer appears in Prada's Pièce de Chambre fall-winter 2017 campaignMia Brammer appears in Prada's Pièce de Chambre fall-winter 2017 campaignManuela Sanchez fronts Prada Affiches fall-winter 2017 campaignManuela Sanchez fronts Prada Affiches fall-winter 2017 campaignKris Grikaite stars in Prada Affiches fall-winter 2017 campaignKris Grikaite stars in Prada Affiches fall-winter 2017 campaignAn image from Prada's fall-winter 2017 advertising campaignAn image from Prada's fall-winter 2017 advertising campaignFreja Beha Erichsen fronts Prada Chiaroscuro fall-winter 2017 campaignFreja Beha Erichsen fronts Prada Chiaroscuro fall-winter 2017 campaign

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We’ve seen a lot of Chanel handbags decorated with pearls. These bags are obsessive and addictive like the Westminster Flap Bag. And we can’t get enough of it.

But what we haven’t seen so far, is pearls on Espadrilles. When Chanel mixes these two together, how irresistible do you think they become? Let’s find out.

Espadrilles are so popular that they get sold-out as quickly as they come in. For the Pre-Fall 2017 Collection, Chanel releases pearl-designed Espadrilles that will melt your heart away. The pearls are put on the front, exactly where the CC logo are usually placed. The CC pearls are made in medium sizes and will be noticeable wherever you carry them. For the finishing, Chanel has put smaller pearls all around the shoe.

For the pearl edition, these shoes are made in soft leather like velvet. They come in classic colors like beige with black toe or full black. And you can also find them in other shades like denim.

Pearl Espadrilles don’t come very often; they’re available for this season and might not return for a while. So make sure you grab a pair.

For the pricing details please go to Chanel Espadrilles for Pre-Fall 2017 Collection.




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Leading model Vanessa Moody graces the July 2017 cover of Vogue Turkey. Photographed by Liz Collins, the brunette beauty poses in a printed dress from Etro’s pre-fall collection. Stylist Konca Aykan selects chic dresses from the recent collections of brands like Dior, Gucci and Alexander McQueen.

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Tiffany & Co.: It All Begins With A T…

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T is tasteful, T is timeless, T is trendy, which, short of sounding like an unofficial ad for Tiffany & Co.’s T collection, is exactly how I feel. If you’ve seen me out and about, you would have noticed the Tiffany T Square Bracelet on my right wrist. And even though mine is the one in sterling silver (because the ones in gold would be so much better, right?), it’s become my everyday armour of sorts (think Wonder Woman and her cuffs and you’ll know what I mean). And if it so happens that I forget to wear it out on any given day (God forbid!), I would feel a little naked and under-dressed.

Created by then design director of Tiffany in 2014, the #TiffanyT is fast becoming one of the American jeweller’s key signature series (and one of my all-time favourites) thanks to its clean lines and sharp good looks that’s punctuated by the same alphabet the brand is named after.


So why the allure, you ask? For starters, it’s a versatile design that makes it perfect for both men and women, though admittedly, the ladies have more choices when it comes to the #TiffanyT collection. Two, the alphabet, in the Sans Serif font, is bold and striking, even from afar. And thirdly, it comes in both sterling silver or precious golds, so there’s definitely something for everyone, from the humblest of T rings in silver to diamond-adorned tennis bracelets that come set in white gold. Finally, and most importantly, you can mix it with other pieces from Tiffany’s repertoire and they will still look perfect together. Promise.


A pretty extensive collection, the #TiffanyT universe extends to a wide range of designs that include the T Square – where the T is seamlessly integrated into the bracelet/ring; the T Wire – where the T is attached to a thin, wire-like band; the T Cutout – where the T is stamped out to form a graphical silhouette; the T Hinged – a wrap around jewellery piece that’s finished with the T on one end; the T Chain – interlocking T’s that come together to form an elongated chain; and the T Smile – a series of pendants shaped to look like two T’s on opposite ends merged together to form a smile. And in these gorgeous silhouettes, the pieces come in sterling silver and different golds, from rose to yellow to white, with some even adorned with diamonds for that extra sparkle.


A well-rounded range that’s tasteful, timeless and forever trendy, the architecturally sublime #TiffanyT will continue to have that special place in my heart. And if you want to check out all pieces T, just head down to Tiffany & Co. for a look yourself and I promise you’ll totally fall for it.

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