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Chanel Peace & Joy Brooches Collection

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I’ll admit it. It’s a slow news day, since most of what I’ll be sharing will only happen from 1 September 2016 when the new season officially kicks in. Still, there’s no harm showing you all a little of what will be available from Chanel in the coming weeks, this assortment of quirky brooches that I’m calling the Peace & Joy (cue peace sign brooches and a pin with the happiest of faces).

Made up of resin, gold metals and metal paved with strass, it’s just what we all need now, especially with what’s going on in the world at the moment. Just more peace, and joy.

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Lady Gaga's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show wardrobe was just as impressive as the models'. She wore five flashy looks, from classic VS lingerie to lace Alaïa numbers, but her most expensive ensemble was the one with her glittery black jumpsuit. You can blame the outfit's price on the hat alone—it cost one million dollars.

The custom headpiece—a black bejeweled iteration of her signature Joanne accessory—contains 45,700 Swarovski crystals that speckle the body of the hat and fall in 60 hand-beaded streamers.

Gladys Tamez Millinery collaborated with Swarovski to create the statement piece, which required a team of 10 craftspeople and took over 300 hours to make, according to WWD.

That wasn't Gaga's first time wearing something from the millinery, either. Last month, she wore a white wide-brim style by the label to the American Music Awards, which matched her streamlined Brandon Maxwell suit.

You heard all about the $3 million bra at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show on Wednesday, but that wasn’t the only seven-figure item on display. 

Lady Gaga rocked a blinged-out version of the pink wide-brim hat from the cover of her new album, “Joanne,” during her performance at the show -- valued at $1 million. 

 Tookes and Hill on preparing for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Tookes and Hill on preparing for Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Gladys Tamez Millinery, who created Gaga’s “Joanne” hat, partnered with Swarovski to create an extra-special version to top the singer’s head. The black hat has 45,700 crystals and took a team of 10 craftspeople and more than 300 hours to complete, reports WWD. The hat has 60 hand-beaded crystal strands. 

Even a $1 million hat isn’t perfect, though. The singer’s microphone snagged in one of the hat’s strands while she sang “John Wayne.”  

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Gucci Ghost Collection

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Gucci’s collaboration with the street artist GucciGhost has finally dropped. Also known as Trouble Andrew (and Trevor Andrew to his mom), GucciGhost has been producing street art bearing unofficial renditions of the luxury giant’s interlocking “G” logo for years. Earlier in the year, Gucci surprisingly — and commendably — invited the artist to work on the brand’s FW16 collection.

The artist actually got his name from a Halloween costume he made by cutting two holes into a Gucci-branded sheet (which came from the Philippines, so take a guess on its authenticity), and is known for spraying his own versions of Gucci’s logo across dumpsters, trash cans, bathrooms and the like.

GucciGhost, otherwise known as Trouble Andrew, is a NYC-based graffiti artist that made his name by spray painting his stylized take on Gucci’s double G logo pattern on walls and dumpsters around his neighborhood. But rather than suing his irreverent ass into financial oblivion, the Italian fashion house enlisted him as a collaborator for its FW16 collection.

Ghost’s tags appeared on Gucci carrier bags and on pieces throughout the new seasonal range, prompting Dazed magazine to sit down and interview the creative vandal on how exactly it came about and why he’s so enamored with the brand.


If you’ve been following Gucci’s Fall-Winter 2016 collection closely, you would have noticed a small line-up of RTW, bags and accessories for both men and women covered in graffiti.

Created by Brooklyn artist Trevor Andrew, aka Trouble Andrew, who first started out covering every surface he could find with his interpretation of the iconic Gucci logo and posting the images to his personal Instagram account, each hash-tagged #GucciGhost. It caught the attention of Gucci, but not for all the wrong reasons. Creative Director Alessandro Michele invited him to collaborate on a collection for Gucci, gave him free reign and the rest, as they say, is history.


What’s the end result? Besides Trouble Andrew’s scrawled interpretation of the iconic house monogram in blue with yellow stars that you’ll see on everything from bags to iPhone cases, you’ll also see more understated pieces that come with his own slogans, including one that says Life Is Gucci that’s printed boldly across a clutch. Another says Egg (the two Gs facing each other like you see in Gucci’s monogram pattern) while a third features a hand-drawn diamond, just because.

Already available in Singapore at Gucci boutiques in Marina Bay Sands and Paragon, there is something for everything for everyone, from SGD300 plus iPhone cases to tees that cost around SGD500. Then there are the bags, which will cost from around SGD900 for a flat clutch to a few thousand for a squarish hand-held tote.

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A perfect luxurious go-to everyday bag, that is descriptive of Hermes’ Evelyne Poche III Bag. Elegant, sophisticated yet, simple when it comes to its look, this bag jewel should be included in your next bag purchase list if you’re looking for a considerably sizable bag that can hold all your stuff.

Made from the most genuine Clemence bull calfskin, this one is definitely worth the splurge! Closed with a leather flap and press-stud, it makes access easier and without hassle, featuring a silver-and-palladium-plated jewelry that makes it all the more stylish in our eyes!

The adjustable shoulder strap can easily be transformed into a shoulder bag or a cross-body bag, which depends entirely on your mood. It also features a flat outer back pocket for storing your small and tiny essentials.

This new addition is from the extended line of the Evelyne Collection. The Hermes Evelyne III Bag has been around for some time; it’s one of the brand’s classic shoulder bag adorned with perforated ‘H’ logo.

Now for the details, measuring 29 x 30 x 8 (L x H x D) cm and priced at €3600 euro or £3140 GBP via Hermes online store.


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Louis Vuitton Studded Monogram Empreinte Bag

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Presenting the Louis Vuitton Studded Monogram Empreinte Bag Collection. The brand’s iconic Monogram Empreinte gets a fresh update this season, embellished with edgy studs. The Studded Monogram Empreinte are currently available in two colors, Platine which has Silver studs and the new Gris Silver which has bi-color studs, Gold and Silver. This new style is currently available in Speedy 20, Saint Germain BB and PM, and Montaigne BB Bags.

Style & Price



Louis Vuitton Studded Monogram Empreinte Speedy 20 Bag $2,690.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Studded Monogram Empreinte Saint Germain BB Bag $2,170.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Studded Monogram Empreinte Saint Germain PM Bag $3,250.00 (USD)
Louis Vuitton Studded Monogram Empreinte Montaigne BB Bag $3,500.00 (USD)

Louis Vuitton Gris Silver Studded Monogram Empreinte Speedy 20 Bag

Louis Vuitton Gris Silver Studded Monogram Empreinte Saint Germain BB Bag

Louis Vuitton Platine Studded Monogram Empreinte Saint Germain PM Bag

Louis Vuitton Platine Studded Monogram Empreinte Montaigne BB Bag

Louis Vuitton Gris Silver Studded Monogram Empreinte Montaigne BB Bag

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